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NorthPine Equine is owned and operated by Deb and Steve Kovac. The original Massachusetts farm was purchased over twenty years ago by the Kovacs as newly weds. Deb had owned horses since she was 10 years old, and wasn't about to give them up when she got married.  Over the decades, horses came and went, as well as activities. From traditional huntseat shows,  hunter paces, 4-H shows and clubs, gymkhana (barrel racing), dressage and eventing to the unconventional donkeys shows, Deb enjoys all facets of teaching and peforming.  The small farm housed as many as 14 equine during summer camps. o currently owned by the Kovacs.  

No More Horses
There are no longer any horses at NorthPine Equine. Only donkeys and an occasional mule. Why?  Donkeys fit our lifestyle. They retain lessons forever. If we needed to take months off for health reasons, the donkeys won't be set back in their training.  We can train a donkey at our own leisure, no concerns about them forgetting what we taught them even though it could be weeks or even months before we had time to get back to their schooling.  They are perfect for the working person.


Years ago health issues began robbing Deb of her energy and ambition. An undiagnosed llness left Deb feeling insecure and exhausted. Riding  used to be a thrill and it slowly became a nerve wrecking experience. Years of confidence on horseback simply melted away. Her dressage horse sat idle out in the barn.  Being a high strung show horse, he required constant  work to keep his mind sane. Deb no longer had energy to commit to such matters.
Years earlier  donkeys had stolen Deb's heart. A weanling foal came to live at the farm, but since Deb was pregnant and the foal was a handful, she opted to give "Whiz" to a good friend. "Whiz" came to visit when his owner went away on her honey moon, and Deb trained him to drive. After Deb's son was born she purchased a nice standard jack named "Bo" whom she adored. Unfortunately, due to the need for space, he had to be sold to make room for  boarders. Years later, Philip, Deb's son, fell in love with a standard sized jenny. "Gazelle" came to live with the Kovac family and she foaled a beautiful  spotted jenny foal they named "Lancia".  Both Lancia and Gazelle travelled to many shows with the Kovac family. Not only donkey shows, but horse shows as well, where Philip showed "Lancia" in 4-H Fitting and Showmanship classes. LanciaandPhil

All the while, Deb kept her home grown show horse in hopes of riding occasionally. But working with donkeys was intriguing, they proved to be intelligent, willing and amazingly retentive. Having joined  the American Donkey & Mule Society and receiving their magazine, Deb fell in love with the idea of a donkey big enough for her to ride. A Mammoth Donkey. In 2002 Deb parted with the last of her horses, and set her sights on locating a donkey large enough to ride for long periods of time. A green gelding named "Apollo" needed a new home and so he came to live and become a very large part of the Kovac family.  Deb and Apollo travelled to the ADMS Nationals in 2003, with just a few months of training, and won all of the green donkey undersaddle classes. They took home the Reserve Champion trophy for Green Donkey. Had they owned a cart and harness who knows, perhaps he would have been champion. For more about Apollo and all of his accomplishments, check out his website. Apollo and Deb spend a great deal of time  travelling and educating people about the wonderful qualities of donkeys.


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located in Loganville, GA
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