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Apollo Mounted Unit"Donkeys CAN DO!"

Gwinnett Police Seek Volunteers:

NorthPine Donkeys would like to help those who are interested in training their donkeys to be well rounded citizens.

sometimes seeing is believing

Anything you see a horse doing a donkey can do as well, size permitting.
Hiking, packing, pulling a cart, and even riding are all activities your donkey and you could do together once you learn the basics about handling your donkey.

Donkeys have an enormous capacity to learn new concepts, and are very willing to please. But often times their owners or handlers completely misunderstand the donkey's reluctance to cooperate. Many well established horse trainers are unable to educate a donkey in the manner that they require for success.

We offer lessons for both you and your donkey.
Helping you both to understand one another and come to a harmonious agreement.


No matter what the size, we can help.

From leading to riding, showing or pleasure
  what ever your goals, we can help.

Since we now live on a mini farm, no training stalls are available.
We can help you via e-mail or come and give you and your donkey(s) private lessons. Check out our fees page for further details.

round baleOur "Gang"

From Left to right: NorthPine Vision, Mud Creek Apollo, NorthPine Duchess

"Vicki"....oh how she's growing :) Born February 13th of 2008, "Vicki" has had the life of luxury with only one expectation from us....grow. She's turning out to be a lovely young jenny with lots of curiousity and energy. Soon we hope to begin her schooling, first in harness and later undersaddle. She is Apollo's half sister, and a full bred Mammoth like Apollo. 

"Apollo" seems to be thoroughly enjoying doing ABSOLUTELY nothing for the past year and a half. Soon the weather will be changing and he'll be helpful in getting his sister Vicki out and about in the real world.

"Duchess" is such an innocent soul. So delicate is her ego that raising your voice or moving your hand too quickly brings about suspicion from this rescued girl.  It's been rewarding to watch her trust in humans grow, as well as her confidence in herself. She now runs and frolics with the gang. She and Apollo seem to be inseperable. Although my original intent was to train her to saddle end find her a loving home, I've fallen in love with her precious face and delicate features. Oh, and the grey dapples have to be one of my favorite donkey colors.

Upcoming Events

On the calender below you'll find activities around central Georgia where donkeys are either invited to participate or one of the NorthPine Donkeys will be on exhibit or doing a demo
click on an event for more details or e-mail us at for more info. If you have any events that donkeys or mules will be welcome or featured please let us know and we'll add it to our calender.

If you'd like to get in touch with other donkey owners in the Southeast, join the free yahoo e-mail group:
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